Well, let me first start off by saying this event started off awesome and then quickly started to get scary as it may have not happened. It almost appeared as if we were not going to be able to pull this off with its short notice and having to get everything planned so fast. But as the true ninjas we are, we still managed to put on probably the most fun and best event to date! 

 Next I have to give a HUGE shout out to Eddie and Lisa Mullen of Pointe Aux Chene Kayak Rentals. That place freaking ROCKS!!!!!  If you have not made the drive to check them out yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!!!!!!! Their launches are so easy to load and unload with a ton of space for getting your gear ready and parking. You can always count on as soon as you pull up seeing Eddie and Lisa smiling and offering to help you get your stuff in the water. Not only that but they also have everything you possibly need from Live bait, ice, and any other tackle you need for a successful day on the water. OH!!!! And the fishing there! ITS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!

 Now Shawn Babin and myself had the opportunity take out 5 guys this weekend with 2 of them being amputees and 1 Vietnam veteran as well. Also in keeping with our dedication to not only our veterans but also to our emergency response personnel, one of our vets was also an East Baton Rouge Sheriff Deputy as well. Our goal of getting these warriors on the water and providing them with a great, fun, relaxing experience was achieved and then some!

 We got on the water around 0700 and headed into the marsh north of the launch (I was hunting for miss Lisa's secret spot which I couldn't find!) and had lines in the water immediately. It didn't take us long to get fish in the yak's with everyone catching some small speckled trout and a few ret reds. Then we here those famed words "FISH ONE! AND ITS A BIG ONE!" We'll just call him the old man. As he was one of the vets step father and he is a vet himself, hooked up on a nice slot red. This is immediately followed by the normal congratulatory remarks and of course the common trash talk found on south Louisiana waters! Not very long after this we here another fish on with another perfect slot red pulling the vets on a small cajun sleigh ride.

 After a few more red reds and small trout were caught, we decided to head back to the launch and stretch out our legs and grab a little chow. Paul Tullier met us at the launch with a pot of some jam up jambalaya and drinks and gave the guys some HOW shirts, hats, and neck buffs. After everyone was done and let their food settle, those guys were already grabbing the yak's and heading out before I could even suggest making another trip out! With somewhat of a nonproductive afternoon, we all decided to call it an evening, head in and load up. After all, it was Saturday afternoon, in southern Louisiana, during football season, which meant 1 thing. LSU FOOTBALL BABY!!!! We loaded up and headed home.

 If you sit back and look at it as a fishing trip to get guys out on the water then yeah, we accomplished that this day. But it was so much more than that! To be able to see the smiles and the laughs and the bonds created and strengthened bonds first hand is amazing. Having these heroes that sacrifice so much for us and our freedoms thank us and tell us how much fun they had is such a blessing. For a man that volunteered to march into combat, in the face of evil and death, that has suffered unimaginable pain both physical and emotional tell me that he has found a new passion in kayak fishing, reassures me that this quest we are on for service to them, is the correct path in my life I am choosing!


To contact Eddie and Lisa to check availability of their House boat for a get away or for any other questions, call

Eddie: (225)573-4085

Lisa: (225)244-1547