Mangrove Madness 2016 Pine Island Florida

Mangrove Madness turned out to be an amazing 8 days of intense fishing, fun, and of course SHENANIGANS! 10 guys from different walks of life from all over the country came together to do their best in what would be the trip of a lifetime! All outfitted in Hobie kayaks, we did our best every day to learn what would land us the biggest and most catch of the day competing to not win the dreaded Carlos award!

 Day 1 started out slow but we learned the water was not in our favor and we needed to find clearer water. Although a few landed some amazing speckled trout on an intense top water bite, the day turned out to be slow. Ivy Hooked on to something massive and angry. We didn't get to see what it was, but we did get to see it almost decapitate Danny as he didn't have time to move.

Day 2 we once again tried our luck inshore with much of luck being the same as day 1. although we split into 2 groups, only a few decent fish were caught. The north group did end up getting into the shark daycare and caught enough for anyone's liking. Our group did net a few nice trout and a snapper or 2.

Day's 3 and 4 we fished from the surf and it was BANANA'S!!!!! As soon as the bite turned on, it was a drag screaming, hook bending, bait destroying awesome time!

Day 5 we went back inland to Ding Darling. While it wasn't what we were looking for, it turned out to be promising. A few really nice specks and a really nice snook were definitely the highlights of the day. Although I will say, catching 2 more bucket list species was pretty amazing even though the were small. I started the day off with back to back Jack and Mangrove Snapper.

Day 6 and 7 was, well, what can I say, what I was looking for! Started day 6 off with finding the trout bite. while I did lose possibly the biggest trout Ill ever see, I did catch a good bit more throughout the remainder of the day. Pat caught a really nice red and a few snapper to round out day 6. Day 7 was the same but a LOT more snook! I will say both days were good days!

Day 8 was our last day as we left early in the morning. Sad to see it come to an end, all of us were ready to be back home to our families and our own beds. A big thank you to Erin Lambert, our realtor that helped make this trip possible. Also to Heath Panganiban with Yak Tribe and all his support. Also to Monster 3 x, Carrot stix, Fins Braid, Lazyman Hooks, and last but not least, everyone that was able to make this trip!