Family Ties

 It is easy to get tied up in our day to day hustle. Our grind, our 9 - 5 if you will, can at times, take over our lives. Make us forget what really is important. At times it almost seems that we can miss the opportunities that is right in front of our faces. 

 I want to ask all of you reading this to do one thing. What is the best time you've had on the water? The most memorable moment, the biggest catch, or the moment that brings joy to your life while you think about it. I have quite a few. And they all involve the young man standing to my left.

 This past weekend, February 11th and 12th, I had the daunting task of having 6 teenage boys on the house boat at Pointe Aux Chenes Kayak Rentals. Once again, Eddie and Lisa Mullens has gone so far above and beyond anything I could ever ask for! They always take care of us! This weekend was slightly stressful for me I must say. I was honestly worried about making sure my Son, Lukas, A.K.A. Dragon punch O.G. triple triple rockhands was going to have the best birthday weekend to date. Yes you heard me correct, his birthday. His 17th birthday at that. Pray for me now!

 I will say this, it started out pretty freaking awesome. our good friend Burley McCarter met up with us at Waffle house and we all got our fat boy grub on! Man its crazy how much food a small sized teenager can eat. I seriously think at one point I had to stop Lukas from eating the steering wheel. We met up with ur good fries Noel Blanton and his son Zach. And as true Eddie Mullen fashion, I was met with the usual jabs and jokes (the reason why I know they are family!). 

We got out on the water later than our normal time of day break. The water was slightly low but that is to be expected for the frigid Louisiana winter. See the sarcasm I put there? Well, It was a crazy day. The reds were there in abundance as they always are. But they were scared of thrown shadow. No matter what we did, THEY SPOOKED!!!! However, we all laughed, and picked, and we most importantly had fun!

 This is where it got amusing. I literally had 4 teenage boys loaded up and hungry in a 4-runner. About 7 pounds of fish fillets, hush puppies, and fries, a case of beer (no kids drank beer although Im pretty sure Zach may have snuck a few), and live bait! The boys literally got out of the truck and started fishing. Im almost positive they didn't stop till we left to go home on Sunday.

 Sunday was pretty cool. I cooked some breakfast for everyone on the boat and we got on the water. it started pretty slow but we quickly got into a slamming trout bite. The specks were throwing my Overcast Lure top water out of the water and devouring it! Everyone was hooking up and having a FREAKING BLAST!!!!! This all followed up to ole dragon punch hooking up on a good sized red but it jumping off at the boat. Burley caught his first fish on top water and we probably spooked 18 trillion other reds. 

 But the most important thing about this weekend is watching my amazing son. Admiring the young man he has become. His selflessness and care for others. He definitely has ability I think the rest of the world could learn from. He truly enjoyed himself. It was evident in his smile and his laughter. As I am sitting in my chair tonight and sharing this story, I reflect on so many memories we have shared together. The smiles and laughs on the water as we have celebrated his achievements. those achievements are the most memorable for me. the most amazing!!!!